Gluten Free Products

Gluten Free Pasta & Sauce

Italian style flavor without the gluten!


Now you don’t have to give up delicious pasta with sauce just because you are following a gluten free lifestyle!  A Life Gluten Free offers a fabulous selection of delicious gluten free pasta and sauces that you can create and serve right from your own kitchen!

Everyone loves pasta, and with our varied selection of gluten free pasta, you’ll be able to create your favorite pasta dishes that your family loves.  Our pastas are made using quinoa, rice or vegetable flours making them healthy and gluten free.  Try the Whole Grain Brown Rice Pasta which contains no wheat, gluten, cholesterol, or dairy products.  So everyone at the table can enjoy it, regardless of any type of dietary challenges.  Try our  Ancient Harvest Wheat Free Shells the next time you’re making macaroni and cheese for the kids!  It’s delicious, and gluten free! 

A Life Gluten Free also offers a great selection of gluten free sauces to pour over the pasta dish.  From low salt tomato basil sauce to spicy marinara sauce, we’ve got all of your favorites!  Classic tomato sauce can also be used for homemade pizza, soup and even in some stews.  With the variety of flavors, you can easily stock your pantry and always have exactly the flavor you need for your culinary creation.  We know your family will love our gluten free pasta and sauces!