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Gluten free snacks can be part of a healthy lifestyle!


A Life Gluten Free offers a variety of gluten free snacks to supplement a healthy gluten free lifestyle.  Everyone loves to snack, and healthy snacks are an important part of a healthy lifestyle plus not only are they gluten free – they’re delicious!

Gluten free trail mix and popcorn are the perfect snack to serve for a family movie night.  The kids will love the taste and not even realize that their snacks are also good for them.   Add a small bag to packed lunches for a treat!  Our gluten free dried fruit and jerky also make a healthy, filling afternoon snack for the whole family.    Nothing is better than freeze dried bananas, or a handful of pumpkin seedsWith no additives, they’re the perfect snack food.

If you’re looking for a saltier snack, try our gluten free pretzels, chips, or nuts and seeds.   All are an alternative to fatty, calorie laden snack foods.  A Life Gluten Free also offers delicious gluten free crackers and rice cakes that can be served with a variety of cheese for a healthy game day snack.  Our gluten free kids snacks are perfect for the lunch box or after school treats.  Available for purchase in bulk, you’ll always have a delicious snack on hand.  Having gluten free snacks  available is an important part of living a gluten free lifestyle.  

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